Hive Wars is an insect first person warfare game. Choose between Bees or Wasps then take part in the Hive War. Players can form teams and work together to defeat the rival Hive. Teams must battle over resources and use the environment to their advantage in order to secure victory. As the game progresses players will be able to use power ups to mutate and augment their insects and create new hybrid insects with new weapons and abilities.



Insect Augmentation: Players can upgrade their insects through a series of genetic of cybernetic upgrades. Different insects can be combined to create hybrids to give tactical advantage during combat.

Hive War: Players must listen to the hive mind to complete missions on the battlefield. During some events a random player will be selected to play as the Queen or royal guard. Good game play will reward players with special attacks. Players can return to their hive to enter the upgrade menu

Combat & Environments: Players will be able to fight in complete 3D space. In the Air or on any surface. Many weapon ammo types from machine gun needles to cluster missile grenades . Traps can be set and triggered throughout the environment


Our mission

Hive wars is an indie project in development by a small three man team who all work remotely. A South African, Romanian and a Bulgarien. We call ourselves Third World Pixel. Over the next few months we hope to make greater strides towards a public release.  Working out from our bedrooms with regular virtual meetings is how we roll. Soon we will start our PR venture which will eventually lead to a kick starter. From this we hope to establish ourselves as a young start up and continue to make awesome games! 




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